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Remote Temeprature Monitoring System

Deer alerts uses long range UHF RFID ear tags to transmit  
live animal temperature back to a backend database.
The server queries database tables and monitors for a  
threshold event.
If an event is triggered an e-mail/text message is sent to  
specified users.
The early warning sign of most illnesses is
elevated temperature. 
Temperature fluctuations in realtime can
provide a kick start to your medication
EHD, Blue Tongue, Pneumonia, Injuries,
Predators and Fawning are some of the
situations where electronic notifications
could provide valuable data.
How It Works
Laptop, Software, Readers and Tags are
Every 15 minutes the ear tag sends data
to the repeater/reader which is uploaded
to a database.
An hourly average is taken over 4
readings, if a threshold is met (>=105) an
alert is sent to each person in the
contacts database.
***Thresholds can be set by the user***
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